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lunar 19.12.2008 15:25

Und auch die Pakistaner haben schöne Sprichwörter - aus Trader's Daily

„Wenn man den toten Hund nicht aus dem Brunnen holt, wird man den Brunnen nie sauber bekommen"

....ob sich die Wallstreeter das zu Herzen nehmen :confused:rolleyes sofern sie denn eins haben :o

lunar 19.12.2008 15:48


ob's bis zu Obama reicht :confused

lunar 19.12.2008 16:01

'No way' did oil demand plunge 2:30
Simmons & Company Chairman Matthew Simmons says the low price of crude is not reflective of a drastic demand decrease.
Oil falls below $37 - OPEC cut ignored

Source: Fortune

Added On December 18, 2008

Video --->

lunar 19.12.2008 16:14

Fri 19 Dec 2008

Breaking News: Auto Industry Saved For Time Being

Posted by Jason under bailout , breaking news , fail

So the auto industry is getting bailed out, after all, from the TARP, after all, and they’re still going to fail, after all. The White House’s plan is to hand over $13.4b in short-term loans right away, another $4b in February, and if any of the companies has not achieved financial stability nirvana by March 31, the money gets rescinded (how does that work, anyway?) and the company most likely comes crawling back, begging for the structured bankruptcy that it turned down.

There are other boring provisions, like no dividends until the money is paid out, the government gets non-voting stock in the companies receiving money, open their books to the government, and alter agreements with the UAW so much that there’s no point in having a union anymore. But what’s key to remember here is this: this is not any kind of plan to save the US auto manufacturing industry. It’s a lame-duck administration punting a rotten egg to the next guy, hoping it breaks all over his face.

lunar 19.12.2008 17:09

:gruebel Zeitgeschehen :hihi

lunar 19.12.2008 17:59

Madoff investors hope for bailout

Wiped out Madoff investors pray for bailout as SIPC money seen too small, too long to process

AP News

Dec 18, 2008 19:05 EST

One week ago, Ronnie Ambrosino was a millionaire. (...war ich auch fast eimal - aber niemand will mich outbailen :gomad;):hihi)

Now, Ambrosino is among the long list of investors whose fortunes were allegedly wiped out by Bernard Madoff. Like them, she's left hoping for a bailout that might never come. (c'est la vie :o)

She plans to sue Madoff but that could take years to work through the courts and yield little in the end. Her best hope to recoup some of her money is from the Securities Investor Protection Corp., an industry-funded organization set up by the government to protect investors from fraud.....

full story:

lunar 19.12.2008 18:37

Fri 19 Dec 2008

The Opposite Of Largesse?

Posted by alyx under breaking news

You’ve often heard that “Congress” is the opposite of “progress,” but lately they are the opposite of “largesse,” and by “opposite” I mean “synonym.” Congress, which never met a tax dollar they didn’t want to spend on something that benefits them personally, automatically gets a nice pay hike in their stockings this year:
A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.

Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it.

Article goes on to quote some activist who fails to acknowledge the country is as broke as a joke and suggests spending the money on his own special interests instead, which explains why we will never see a reduction in the US federal budget.

Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense gets the LOLFed “Golden Roflcopter” award for this observation:
“It is probably never going to be politically popular to raise Congress’s salary,” he said. “I don’t think you’re going to find taxpayers saying, ‘Yeah I think I should pay my congressman more’.”

…which is, of course, why they set up the pay increase to go in automatically, instead of putting it up each year for an actual vote. Apparently, these elected officials of ours are a little more clever than we think.

[h/t to Caroline B for the link!]

:dumm als ob nix geschehen wäre :mad

lunar 19.12.2008 19:29

Carla Bruni Doesn’t Want Her Naked Picture on a Shopping Bag

12/15/08 at 9:40 AM

Carla Bruni is suing clothing maker Pardon for putting her naked picture on a bag without her consent. The design includes a talk bubble coming out of her mouth that reads, "My guy should have bought Pardon!" (Still, not as brilliant as the line she wrote about rolling her guy up and smoking him.) The photograph was taken in 1993 and sold at auction for a staggering $91,000 in April. Carla was reportedly unhappy with it around that time, too, when a media frenzy ensued over the picture shortly before she made her first official First Lady visit to the U.K. to break crumpets with the Queen.

Carla's lawyer argues that she has "exclusive and absolute rights over her image" and calls the sale of the bag a "moral and matrimonial attack." Perish the thought her wedded bliss be threatened. Pardon argues the bags are okay because Carla's a public figure. Carla seeks 125,000 euros in damages, which she plans to give to charity if she wins. Ironically, this comes right on the heels of her husband's failed attempt to ban a voodoo doll with his image on it that came with twelve pins.

Based in the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion, Pardon is selling the bags for just three euros or giving them to customers who spend at least five euros in the store. We hate to see dear Carla in distress, but we totally want one. Ahem, Urban Outfitters.

French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy sues bag makers Pardon over nude image [Telegraph]

lunar 19.12.2008 20:16


Gestohlener Christstollen löste Datenskandal aus

Es ist der skurrilste Datenskandal des Jahres: Eine Frankfurter Zeitung sollte einen Christstollen geschickt bekommen - doch zwei Kuriere hatten Hunger und tauschten das Päckchen kurzerhand aus. So bekamen die überraschten Journalisten Tausende Kundendatensätze der Landesbank Berlin geschickt. Von Anne Seith, Frankfurt am Main mehr... [ Forum ]


lunar 19.12.2008 20:37

19 December 2008

The Implications of the Incarnation


Into the ancient holy land
Behold, the Son of God has come to Man.

Hic est enim Calix Sanguinis Mei

In Innocence fall all heroes and their creeds;
An age is done, an age from here proceeds.

Novi et aeterni testamenti

What consuming pagan fires could not do:
A covenant of Love, and Word made flesh, in You.

Mysterium fidei

Sleep swells His Breast though heavy pressed
By Golgotha, and Adam's sin,
and the hopes of he who signs his name herein.

Qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur
In remissionem peccatorum.

May Peace and Joy Be in Your Heart Always


lunar 20.12.2008 09:14

1 Anhang/Anhänge
Dec. 18: At a Tel Aviv study center financed largely by donations, offices were closing Thursday after $250 million that had been invested with Bernard Madoff evaporated. NBC’s Martin Fletcher reports. Nightly News

...christliche Nächstenlebe nennt man das sicher nicht - ob Herrn Madoff keine jüdische Nächstenliebe bekannt ist :rolleyes

lunar 20.12.2008 09:17

1 Anhang/Anhänge

Financial stresses for 2009

lunar 20.12.2008 09:28



Walking Barefoot through Misery

By Barbara Hans

A girl stands in a Haitian slum without shoes, without money, but full of pride: The image won the 2008 UNICEF photo of the year competition. Belgian photographer Alice Smeets is the youngest to ever come out on top in the contest.

Click on a picture to launch the image gallery (14 Photos),597510,00.html

lunar 20.12.2008 09:34


Biden: U.S. Economy in Danger of 'Absolutely Tanking'

December 19, 2008 3:42 PM

Vice President-Elect Joe Biden said the U.S. economy is in danger of "absolutely tanking" and will need a second stimulus package in the $600-billion to $700-billion range.

"The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in," Biden told me during an exclusive interview -- his first since becoming vice president-elect-- to air this Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."......

mit Video --->

---> User Comments (674)

lunar 21.12.2008 17:41

21. Dezember 2008, 15:56

«Sommer» im Tessin :schwitz;)

21 Grad dank Föhn

Das Tessin kann einen neuen Rekord verzeichnen. Denn in der Magadinoebene sind die Temperaturen mit Nordföhn auf knapp 21 Grad gestiegen, wie «SF Meteo» berichtet. Damit ist der heutige Tag der wärmste Tag im Dezember seit Beginn der automatischen Messung im Jahr 1981.

Schon seit einigen Tagen weht über den Alpen teils starker Nordföhn mit Orkanböen von 100 bis 120 Kilometern pro Stunde auf den Alpengipfeln. Mit Nordföhn stiegen die Temperaturen im Tessin schon am Donnerstag und Freitag auf rund 14 Grad an.......

Im Tessin konnte man problemlos draussen Käffchen trinken gehen. (colourbox)

lunar 21.12.2008 18:29

Speculation Nation Part 2

Our national priorities favor financial engineering, financial speculation, consumption on credit.

They penalize manufacturing, savings, and the median wage of labor.

It could not be any clearer.

Financial Times
Hedge funds gain access to $200bn Fed aid
By Krishna Guha in Washington
December 20 2008 05:01

Hedge funds will be allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve for the first time under a landmark $200bn programme intended to support consumer credit.

The Fed said on Friday it would offer low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitised consumer loans under the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF). This includes hedge funds, which have never been able to borrow from the US central bank before, although the Fed may not permit hedge funds to use offshore vehicles to conduct the transactions.

The asset-backed securities to be funded under the programme are pools of credit card receivables, automobile loans and student loans.

The idea is to increase the supply of these loans and reduce borrowing rates by ensuring that the companies that make the loans can sell them on to investors who have guaranteed access to low-cost funding from the Fed.

The TALF is a key plank of the unorthodox strategy set out by the Fed last week as it cut interest rates virtually to zero. Washington insiders expect the programme will be dramatically expanded next year with further capital support from Treasury once the Obama administration takes office.

A senior official in the outgoing Bush administration told the Financial Times it could also be broadened to include new commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities.

The Fed thinks risk premiums or “spreads” for consumer loans are much higher than would be justified by likely default rates, even assuming a nasty recession.

It attributes this to a lack of buying interest in the secondary market where the loans are sold on to investors. By making loans to these investors on attractive terms it aims to increase market liquidity.

Making the scheme open to all US companies is a radical departure for the Fed, which normally supports financial market liquidity indirectly by ensuring banks have adequate liquidity to make loans to other investors.

However, the liquidity the Fed is providing to banks is not flowing through to financial markets, because banks are balance-sheet constrained and risk-averse. So it is channelling funds directly to investors.

The scheme is not designed specifically for hedge funds and a wide range of financial institutions are likely to participate.

Nonetheless, Fed officials hope that hedge funds will be among those investors that take advantage of the low-cost finance to drive down spreads.

The loans will be secured only against the securities and not the borrower. However, the Fed will lend slightly less than the value of the securities pledged as collateral. The Treasury has committed $20bn to cover potential losses.

Since the credit crisis erupted, hedge funds have complained that they cannot get the leverage they need to arbitrage away excessive spreads and meet high hurdle rates of return.

“Demand is there for leverage but not supply,” said Sylvan Chackman, head of global equity financing at Merrill Lynch.

In effect, the Fed will now take on the role of prime broker – the lead bank that lends to a hedge fund – for specific assets.

Posted by Jesse at 11:06 AM :verbeug

lunar 21.12.2008 19:18

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in the
History of Mankind Starts Now!
Michael Maloney
December 19, 2008
Right now, the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the banking system seem to be gearing up for an event the likes of which has never been seen. I believe the crisis that will unfold over the next few years will add up to the biggest economic event in history. The scale of what is happening will dwarf all other economic events combined. The Tulip mania of 1637, John Law's "Mississippi Scheme" of 1720, and the dot-com / tech bubble of 1999 will pale by comparison. Even the hyperinflation in Weimar Germany in 1923 and the Great Depression will seem like a walk in the park compared to what is coming. But wealth is never destroyed :confused:rolleyes - It is merely transferred. Neither you, nor I, have the power to stop what is coming. But we do have the choice to either freeze in panic and be crushed under the wheels of the economic freight train that is bearing down upon us, or catch the ride of our lives on the road to immense wealth.......

Here is a chart of how many dollars the banks have borrowed from the Federal Reserve through the end of last year (2007). Please note the spike that indicates the banks had to borrow $8 billion from the Federal Reserve during the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980s.

Bank Borrowings from Federal Reserve (1919-2007)

Here is the same chart, but I've now taken it out through November of 2008. You can't even see the $8 billion S&L Crisis peak anymore! In fact, the banks are approaching $800 billion in borrowings. This means that the banks perceive this crisis as being 100 times larger than the S&L crisis.

Bank Borrowings from Federal Reserve (1919-November, 2008)

full story:

lunar 21.12.2008 22:08

.....noch nicht so weit :o:mad

lunar 21.12.2008 22:26

:rolleyes:( na hoffentlich nicht ganz so schlimm :schwitz

Our 2009 Predictions

Roger Wiegand
Dec 22, 2008
"We think we now have enough data from both the fundamentals and technicals to make some serious forecasts and predictions for 2009. While 2008 was a nasty year when lots of things imploded, they are far from being repaired. Treasury Secretary Paulson told us this week there are no more surprises, which tells me we haven't even discovered but a small portion of this monster derivative mess. His ripping-off of the taxpayers to the tune of $700 billion is only a warm-up. However, the larger question for traders and investors is what could happen next and when.

In the following report we take the key global economic points and suggest the outcome for 2009."

The most important news for 2008 was the destruction of the big global banks' net worth and their badly wounded ability to conduct normal business and make market-moving loans. Ben & Hank's bailout only helped the bad-boy banks reliquify themselves to remain somewhat solvent and stay in business. They are doing nothing to extend credit to any business enhancing western or global economies. The 2009 result will be no significant banker lending, taking more bailout money and sweeping additional bad loans of all stripes under the banker's rug and hiding the rest in back rooms.

The largest surprise in our view was the massive disaster at insurance giant AIG. Despite numerous injections of bailout billions, AIG remains in very serious trouble hanging on by their proverbial fingernails. The 2009 result will be a surprise crash and failure of AIG frightening the world at large causing ripples of failures throughout western and Asian nations unable to conduct business without mandatory insurance policies. Most folks have no comprehension as to the monster fallout this will create. It is in our view literally immeasurable, and this is why Paulson handed them so much money.

Our new president is determined to hand out $860 Billion to One Trillion dollars in a Herculean effort to literally buy a new economic recovery. While some of his ideas are noble indeed the overall plan
will have little effect and Great Depression II shall take hold in 2009 with crashing stock markets in May and September-October 2009. We think the worst of the worst hits in later September 2009.

During the spring of next year we see:

(1) A second larger wave of residential housing mortgage failures; (2) The first big wave of auto loan failures and repossessions; (3) Over $40 billion in credit card defaults, smashing the bank lenders; (4) The first wave of commercial mortgage failures and foreclosures on shopping malls, office buildings and other commercials; (5) And finally, the grand smashing finale of CDS Credit Default Swaps originated with No margin money or down payments! We heard today the total is 500 trillion! I cannot even fathom that number. These five converging train wrecks could take the Dow from a dead cat bounce of 10400-10800 back to 7250, or even 6600, or 5600.

Shares traders and investors have one more solid quarter, in our view to regain some stock market losses on the forthcoming Obama Trillion Dollar handouts. We think the rising share markets will help most all sectors gain some recovery and provide the illusion the bottoms are in and new bases found. The stark reality hits home after shares peak in April or early May taking an unprecedented selling high dive scaring the wits out of Americans and the watching world.

Even with these events and rising unemployment and social problems, economic observers and analysts could continue to plead the worst is over, the bottoms are in and a fine, new, shiny world of trading and investing in our bright economy lies just ahead for the fall of 2009. Then, in later September and early October, the New York, London, Tokyo and Asian markets take a monster crash. How low is low and how bad can it get? We think the Dow could end-up on November 1st, 2009 anywhere from 5,600 to a low of 3,000 or even 1,500. One guideline will be a falling overshoot of PE's on our largest, so-called international corporations posting lows of 4 to7. Today, many of them are near 18. What does this tell us about the severity of our projections?

Unemployment nationally in the USA is now touching 16%. The officially posted number is somewhere near half of that. By the fall of 2009, American REAL UNEMPLOYMENT WILL BE NEAR THE ALLTIME 1930'S DEPRESSION HIGH OF 25% UNEMPLOYED. SADLY, THAT IS NOT THE WORST AS IT GETS MORE DIRE. WE PREDICT REAL, USA UNEMPLOYMENT REACHES 30-40%. IN THE RUST BELT STATES OF MICHIGAN AND OHIO, WHILE 40% IS NOT UNREALISTIC.

Several European nations have larger, more established social safety nets for the unemployed. In the USA, local, regional and national authorities are not nearly as prepared. The American federal government departments for food stamps and the job of providing welfare provisions will be overwhelmed. This will be a Katrina event for the hungry citizens of the United States. Urban areas will see skyrocketing crime and in parts of some cities, life could become totally uninhabitable.

The last report we've seen on those receiving food handouts and related welfare amounted to 11 million USA citizens with 700,000 children going hungry each day. We suspect the true amount of those needing food help will rise to 35,000,000 with an untold tragic number of them being little, defenseless children. Governments remain in denial and are not prepared for this national emergency whatsoever. As things worsen, food riots and others with violence aimed at the "haves' are common.

The number of bank failures over the next three years will be in the thousands. In addition, the US Dollar's valuation could break recent lows near 70.00 on the index, dropping to 46.00 by 2011 or 2012.
Inflation or potentially hyperinflation is quite real as the Federal Reserve and US Treasury strain to print and circulate cash to prod our stalled economy. It is simply not working even with the dramatically lower interest rates of late. Benny Bernanke is out of rate cut running room.

Consumers are broke and going broker. Households of interrelated families are doubling and tripling up even with several employed members being under one roof. Basic costs of rent, mortgage payments, health care, food, utilities and taxes are too much to bear on stagnant and in some cases falling wages. In some areas of America, there are entire subdivisions of homes totally abandoned or existing with only a hand full of occupants. The millions thrown at lenders for new mortgages are not getting through to buyers, as there are fewer of them. We are witnessing system breakdown.

Municipalities and states are sinking into a spending, debt-ridden morass. It was reported today that 22 of 50 USA states are in serious budgetary trouble. California is one of those in terrible condition and Michigan is already technically broke as are many of her cities. Detroit will file bankruptcy in 2009 and there will many other surprises as well. There will be a cascade of bond defaults and the outcome will cap the ability of these cities, states and counties to borrow ever more.

The shining light through all of this is the faster we find the bottom the faster we can recover. Sadly, the recovery process will take years. Futures and commodities traders should continue to earn steady profits as the stock markets slide into oblivion for years. We see no recovery until 2015.

Trader Rog - Roger Wiegand
Editor, Trader Tracks
Trader Tracks from

....passt leider zu dem ---> :(

lunar 21.12.2008 22:45


lunar 21.12.2008 22:57

1 Anhang/Anhänge
Death of Tarzan

lunar 22.12.2008 15:43

  • DECEMBER 22, 2008
Developers Ask U.S. for Bailout as Massive Debt Looms

With a record amount of commercial real-estate debt coming due, some of the country's biggest property developers have become the latest to go hat-in-hand to the government for assistance.

They're warning policymakers that thousands of office complexes, hotels, shopping centers and other commercial buildings are headed into defaults, foreclosures and bankruptcies. The reason: according to research firm Foresight Analytics LCC, $530 billion of commercial mortgages will be coming due for refinancing in the next three years -- with about $160 billion maturing in the next year. Credit, meanwhile, is practically nonexistent and cash flows from commercial property are siphoning off.


lunar 22.12.2008 16:19

  • DECEMBER 22, 2008
An Oligarch's Struggle

Deripaska Seeks Investors in a Race to Save His Metals Empire


MOSCOW -- Just before midnight earlier this month, one of Russia's richest businessmen was rushing among the dark-paneled meeting rooms outside his office, cordless phone in hand. Oleg Deripaska was scrambling to save aluminum giant UC Rusal and the rest of his industrial empire from its creditors, by selling off big chunks.

Mr. Deripaska, in his first interview since the global credit crunch took hold in Russia this fall, said he is peddling stakes in just about everything he owns to pay off his crushing debts. People close to Rusal, the crown jewel, say talks include Chinese as well as Western investors, who would take equity stakes in return for helping to pay down Rusal's $14 billion debt.

"Naturally the situation is difficult. If it were easy, we wouldn't have kept you waiting until midnight," the 40-year-old billionaire, his eyes tinged red with fatigue, told a visiting reporter. "We're confident there's always a reasonable solution. The question is how big the losses are." He acknowledged they would be "in the billions.".....

full story: erwischt fast alle :rolleyes

lunar 22.12.2008 16:28

  • DECEMBER 21, 2008, 11:10 P.M. ET
China Faces Unrest as Economy Falters

Seeking to Damp Anger, Authorities Meet Strike Leaders, Grant Concessions


CHAOZHOU, China -- As China's economy stalls, rising public unrest has bubbled up in a series of labor strikes across the country.

In an unusual response, authorities -- facing a delicate task in tamping down disquiet -- have been allowing the protests and staging high-profile meetings with strike leaders to talk over concessions.

A strike by nearly 8,000 taxi drivers in the southwestern city of Chongqing in early November helped spark the recent wave. After three days, the city's top Communist Party official, Bo Xilai, held a three-hour meeting with cabbies' representatives, televised live. Mr. Bo, who is also a member of the Communist Party's powerful central committee, urged drivers to set up an organization to mediate between their employers and the government.....

....."It's increasingly untenable to view strikes as unacceptable, there are simply too many of them and they are everywhere now," says Robin Munro, research director at Hong Kong-based labor-rights group China Labour Bulletin. "They're happening whether they're legal or not.".......

full store: langsam ändert sich wohl doch was :rolleyes

lunar 22.12.2008 16:49

....und noch ein Kassandra Ruf :rolleyes:(

World faces "total" financial meltdown: Bank of Spain chief Dec 21 11:40 AM US/Eastern

Bank of Spain governor Miguel Fernandez Ordonez, seen here l...

The governor of the Bank of Spain on Sunday issued a bleak assessment of the economic crisis, warning that the world faced a "total" financial meltdown unseen since the Great Depression. "The lack of confidence is total," Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez said in an interview with Spain's El Pais daily.

"The inter-bank (lending) market is not functioning and this is generating vicious cycles: consumers are not consuming, businessmen are not taking on workers, investors are not investing and the banks are not lending.

"There is an almost total paralysis from which no-one is escaping," he said, adding that any recovery -- pencilled in by optimists for the end of 2009 and the start of 2010 -- could be delayed if confidence is not restored.

Ordonez recognised that falling oil prices and lower taxes could kick-start a faster-than-anticipated recovery, but warned that a deepening cycle of falling consumer demand, rising unemployment and an ongoing lending squeeze could not be ruled out.

"This is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression" of 1929, he added.

full story:

lunar 22.12.2008 18:37

A lone shopper braces herself from a fierce wind and temperatures hovering around zero as she shops on State Street in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory with wind chills registering around minus 30. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

...das kurbelt die Wirtschaft auch nicht eben an :(

lunar 22.12.2008 18:42

  • Investors Bolt Stocks

    Amid a Loss of Faith

    Rank-and-file investors, who likely account for half or more of all U.S. stock holdings, are losing faith in stocks just as in past, long market downturns. If history is any guide, they may not return quickly.

    .....wer klingelt wenn der Boden erreicht ist :confused:rolleyes:schwitz

lunar 22.12.2008 19:26

Mon 22 Dec 2008

Tarquin Britten and the City Boyz Wish You a Credit Crunch Christmas

Posted by alyx under fail

There’s a new hit song taking Britain by storm:
The single, Credit Crunch Christmas, features the chorus: “Sorry we ****** up your Christmas, but really we don’t give a s***.”

The song is on track for the Top 100, but the bankers claim that it could get into the Top 10, such is the support they say it is getting from the City.

Wonder if they’re familiar with The Manual.

lunar 22.12.2008 21:37


lunar 22.12.2008 22:14

Geschrieben von: spica Montag, 22. Dezember 2008 um 10:45 Die drei Geschenke.

Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte- einmal anders erzählt.

Weihnachten wird alljährlich um den 21.12. eines Jahres gefeiert. Astronomisch entspricht dies dem tiefsten Punkt der Sonne im Jahresverlauf. Weihnachten, verstanden viele alte Völker als Lichtfest, und bliebt auch in unser Zeit und unserem Kulturkreis eine Feier, in der wir Menschen unten auf der Erde das nachvollziehen, was sich oben am Himmel jedes Jahr sichtbar und spürbar abspielt. Wir zünden Lichter an und drücken dabei aus, das wir gerade hier am tiefsten und dunkelsten Punkt des Jahreskreises das Licht unterstützen, welches im Begriff ist wiederzukehren. Der Vorgang ist unbewusst. Die Astronomen sprechen vom Wendekreis des Steinbocks, dem tiefsten Stand der Sonne. Die Abwendung der Erdachse von der Sonnenbahn erreicht ihr Maximum. Das astrologische Symbol entspricht einer zehn - 10 -, was dem 10.ten Monat des Jahres entspricht. Und hier taucht eine Merkwürdigkeit auf, denn allgemein wird angenommen, das der Dezembermonat der 12.te des Jahres sei. Doch wenn man ein wenig überlegt, so kann dies nicht ganz stimmen, denn das lateinische Wort für Deze, was man auch in unserem Wort für Dezimalsystem wiederfinden wird, entspricht eigentlich der Zehn. Wörtlich übersetzt bedeutet Dezember also der "zehnte Monat", was nur schlüssig ist. Der zehnte Monat ist es aber nur dann, wenn das Jahr im März ( Martius ), am 21.03. beginnt, wie es die Astrologen tun.

  1. März
  2. April
  3. Mai
  4. Juni
  5. July
  6. August
  7. September ( septem - sieben )
  8. Oktober ( okto - acht )
  9. November ( novem - neun )
  10. Dezember ( dezem für zehn )

lunar 23.12.2008 09:18

ProShares ETFs Declare Distributions
Monday December 22, 5:05 pm ET

BETHESDA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProFunds Group, the world’s largest manager of short and leveraged funds,1 has announced fourth quarter income dividend distribution declarations for its ProShares ETFs. The firm expects dividend distributions for 52 of its 76 ETFs. Capital gain distributions for 35 of the firm’s ETFs were announced earlier today. The amounts to be distributed per share are listed below......

lunar 23.12.2008 09:20

Zitat von GordonBrown

falls noch einer da ist.kleines anekdotchen aus meinem weihnachtsgespräch mit einem ehemalige ib-kollegen aus usa:

usa-amerikanische geldhäuser wollten sich teilweise von beteiligungen an chinesischen banken trennen, nachdem die lock-up frist abläuft um ihre eigene kapitalbasis zu stärken. dieses vorhaben wurde dann auf höchster politischer ebene bewegt. nach diesen gesprächen kamen die bankenbosse wieder und erklärten, dass ihnen "berater" geraten hätten, das dann doch sein zu lassen. parallel dazu gibt es gerüchte im markt, "asiatische" investoren schichten für den gegenwert von € von $ in €. Was die Währung um ca. 18% aufwertet.

Was passiert da hinter den kulissen. findet da etwa ein massiver machtbeweis des gläubigers an seinen größten schuldner statt??????
nun, das steht zu vermuten.....und kann sehr heiter werden. also anstatt cold war wird die finanzkrise als kriegsschauplatz genützt....

schönes wochenende,

....wie sich das wohl entwickelt :confused:gruebel

lunar 23.12.2008 09:28

Paulson is Running away with the Poll….wonder why ?…Midas

-> Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 22:38 pm on December 22, 2008
Ah-haaaa! Finally dawned on me why Paulson left his post as CEO of Goldman Sachs to take the Treasury job - and it wasn’t just so he could unload $700 million worth of GS stock when GS was tradings over $200/share ($80 now) and avoid paying taxes on his gains.

He took the Treasury job so that he could try engineer the monetization of the fraudulent derivatives transactions that Goldman pedaled globally under Paulson. Keep in mind that AIG is being kept alive because their demise would expose Goldman to over $20 billion in derivatives counterparty risk. And that the ONLY reason AIG is being kept alive with taxpayer money. Check this out:

From Mike Morgan:

I still don’t understand why none of the media bobbleheads have not yet done an in depth piece about what Paulson was responsible for during his tenure at Goldman Sachs. He ran the company that created more different forms of derivatives and more volume, than any other ten companies in the world combined. And with more offices in more countries than any other investment bank, Goldman Sachs peddled the toxic assets to every corner of the world.


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Faber Says 2009 to Be `Catastrophic' for Global Economy

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M* A* D* O *F* F

...interessanter Lesestoff :cool

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Tue 23 Dec 2008

TALF Topiary

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Just so you know the very random lengths I sometimes go to for this blog, this morning I was reading the “Washington Financial Services Bulletin” as posted on some server in Trinidad and Tobago. I found this defense of hedgies dipping into federal bailout funds:
Hedge Fund Controversy. Some media reports over the weekend focused on how hedge funds may participate in the [Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility]. Such publicity is expected, but we do not expect it to impact the program. The goal is to restart the ABS market by getting investors to buy consumer loan ABS. That is what some hedge funds do. So it would be counter-productive to exclude them.

Breaking news - even after all this bailing, there is still nobody who wants to buy asset-backed securities backed by consumer loans. So who can we maybe sweet-talk into doing something other than sitting on cash? Well, we’ve tried banks, brokerages… now let’s try hedge funds. Hey, why not.


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ozymandius (1000+ posts) Tue Dec-23-08 07:46 AM
Response to Original message 20. Friedman Would Be Roiled as Chicago Disciples Rue Repudiation Ozy: HA! HA!

Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- John Cochrane was steaming as word of U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s plan to buy $700 billion in troubled mortgage assets rippled across the University of Chicago in September.

Cochrane had been teaching at the bastion of free-market economics for 14 years and this struck at everything that he -- and the school -- stood for.
For half a century, Chicago’s hands-off principles have permeated financial thinking and shaped global markets, earning the university 10 Nobel Memorial Prizes in Economic Sciences starting in 1969, more than double the four each won by Columbia University, Harvard University, Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Chicago’s laissez-faire imprint underpins everything from U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts and the fall of communism that decade to quantitative investment strategies.

In 1972, Friedman helped persuade U.S. Treasury Secretary George Shultz, former dean of Chicago’s business school, to approve the first financial futures contracts in foreign currencies.

Such derivatives grew more complex after Chicago economists created the mathematical formulas to price them, helping spawn a $683 trillion market that’s proved to be a root of today’s financial system breakdown.

Lucky Luciano
(1000+ posts) Tue Dec-23-08 09:30 AM
Response to Reply #20 46. Come on Ozy! The $683T number is a little misleading It is only the notional of the contracts...not the value of the is comprised mostly of swaps...and swaps usually start with a value of zero no matter what the notional is. I know you know that though...but others who come and see the $683T highlighted will think there is $683T in value associated with the contracts.

The fact that the mathematical quanty guys blew it with the valuations - The reason for that is I believe they valued a lot of mortgage derivatives based on prior mortgages and backtested over many years. The key point they ignored is that underwriting standards are cyclical - during a very bullish credit cycle that turns into a bubble, underwriting standards go to hell. Therefore, statistical models that suggest a certain mortgage contract should never fall below 99 cents on the dollar is wrong...because that is based on uniform underwriting standards! They have been anything but uniform over the last 50 years!

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"Wenn die Börsenkurse fallen"

von Ralphs @ 2008-10-31 – 11:12:05

Überall wird folgendes Gedicht mit der Autorschaft Kurt Tucholskys in Verbindung gebracht:
Wenn die Börsenkurse fallen,
regt sich Kummer fast bei allen,
aber manche blühen auf:
Ihr Rezept heißt Leerverkauf.

Keck verhökern diese Knaben
Dinge, die sie gar nicht haben,
treten selbst den Absturz los,
den sie brauchen - echt famos!

Leichter noch bei solchen Taten
tun sie sich mit Derivaten:
Wenn Papier den Wert frisiert,
wird die Wirkung potenziert.

Wenn in Folge Banken krachen,
haben Sparer nichts zu lachen,
und die Hypothek aufs Haus
heißt, Bewohner müssen raus.

Trifft’s hingegen große Banken,
kommt die ganze Welt ins Wanken -
auch die Spekulantenbrut
zittert jetzt um Hab und Gut!

Soll man das System gefährden?
Da muß eingeschritten werden:
Der Gewinn, der bleibt privat,
die Verluste kauft der Staat.

Dazu braucht der Staat Kredite,
und das bringt erneut Profite,
hat man doch in jenem Land
die Regierung in der Hand.

Für die Zechen dieser Frechen
hat der Kleine Mann zu blechen
und - das ist das Feine ja -
nicht nur in Amerika!

Und wenn Kurse wieder steigen,
fängt von vorne an der Reigen -
ist halt Umverteilung pur,
stets in eine Richtung nur.

Aber sollten sich die Massen
das mal nimmer bieten lassen,
ist der Ausweg längst bedacht:
Dann wird bisschen Krieg gemacht.

Wer etwas länger sucht, kommt zu der Erkenntnis, dass dieses Gedicht jemand anderes geschrieben hat. Unter dem Künstlernamen Pannonicus wurde es unter dem Titel "Höhere Finanzmathematik" hier veröffentlicht.
Wer mehr darüber wissen will. hier und hier!

So schafft das Internet Gedicht-Legenden.

lunar 23.12.2008 17:18

...Tucholsky war aber auch nicht ohne....:cool

Die freie Wirtschaft

Ihr sollt die verfluchten Tarife abbauen.
Ihr sollt auf euern Direktor vertrauen.
Ihr sollt die Schlichtungsausschüsse verlassen.
Ihr sollt alles Weitere dem Chef überlassen.
Kein Betriebsrat quatsche uns mehr herein,
wir wollen freie Wirtschaftler sein!
Fort die Gruppen – sei unser Panier!
Na, ihr nicht.
Aber wir.

Ihr braucht keine Heime für eure Lungen,
keine Renten und keine Versicherungen.
Ihr solltet euch allesamt was schämen,
von dem armen Staat noch Geld zu nehmen!
Ihr sollt nicht mehr zusammenstehn -
wollt ihr wohl auseinandergehn!
Keine Kartelle in unserm Revier!
Ihr nicht.
Aber wir.

Wir bilden bis in die weiteste Ferne
Trusts, Kartelle, Verbände, Konzerne.
Wir stehen neben den Hochofenflammen
in Interessengemeinschaften fest zusammen.
Wir diktieren die Preise und die Verträge -
kein Schutzgesetz sei uns im Wege.
Gut organisiert sitzen wir hier …
Ihr nicht.
Aber wir.

Was ihr macht, ist Marxismus.
Nieder damit!
Wir erobern die Macht, Schritt für Schritt.
Niemand stört uns. In guter Ruh
sehn Regierungssozialisten zu.
Wir wollen euch einzeln. An die Gewehre!
Das ist die neuste Wirtschaftslehre.
Die Forderung ist noch nicht verkündet,
die ein deutscher Professor uns nicht begründet.
In Betrieben wirken für unsere Idee
die Offiziere der alten Armee,
die Stahlhelmleute, Hitlergarden …

Ihr, in Kellern und in Mansarden,
merkt ihr nicht, was mit euch gespielt wird?
mit wessen Schweiß der Gewinn erzielt wird?
Komme, was da kommen mag.
Es kommt der Tag,
da ruft der Arbeitspionier:
“Ihr nicht.
Aber Wir. Wir. Wir.”
Autorenangabe: Theobald Tiger Ersterscheinung: Die Weltbühne, 4. März 1930, Nr. 10, S. 351.

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Weekend Edition
December 19 - 21, 2008

CounterPunch Diary

"It's Kristallnacht Two!" An Ethnic Cleansing in America


Call any Jewish friend across the few days and the degrees of separation from someone financially devastated by Bernie Madoff are often only one or two. One rich Jewish friend in New York volunteers that because of some intricate family dispute his own money hadn’t been parked at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. On the other hand his uncle had woken up the morning after Madoff’s arrest to discover that the $40 million he’d entrusted to Bernie was gone forever, along with the multi-million pension fund of his workforce, which he’d also entrusted to Madoff.

It’s not just ruined heiresses in the Palm Beach Country Club now faced with the prospect of dividing the contents of the Whiskas can into two equal portions for mistress and cat, it’s academics on Ivy League campuses, doctors in Santa Monica, rich people from Boston to San Francisco to the West Side of Los Angeles finding their retirement nest eggs or charitable trusts wiped out overnight......

full story:


...hmmmm :schwitz eben das zu Gesicht bekommen:confused :rolleyes:nw

Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

Der Madoff-Skandal ist ein Betrug, aber anders als wir denken

Hier handelt es sich möglicherweise nicht nur um einen Betrug durch ein Pyramidensystem, sondern auch um einen „normalen“ Verlust durch Fehlspekulation, der als kriminelle Handlung kaschiert wird, damit der Steuerzahler und die Versicherungen den Verlust tragen. Handelt es sich hier nicht nur um Finanzbetrug, sondern auch um Versicherungsbetrug, ganz clever eingefädelt?.....


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